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Edit, curate and create social media updates and post directly through our automated scheduler.

Access to the beta is by invitation only. Request access today.

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Selected Features

We develop, update and enhance features on an ongoing basis. Try the platform for free and experience how easy social media updates can be.

Automated publishing

Schedule and publish automatically to your favorite social media channels.

Edit and trim videos

Upload any video format and edit/trim to match the length and ratio requirements.

Edit and trim images

Cut, edit and rotate images to highlight and enhance the storytelling

Organize in layers

Organize elements in layers and decide when each make their entrance and exit.

Add polls, stickers, geo, ...

We support all native polls, stickers, geolocation, etc. - with a few extras on top

Add links to stories

Used to add links to your stories? Don't worry, you can still do that.

Content archive

We are constantly building out our library of videos and images for you to use.

Posting calendar

Easy overview of the social media activity in the past, present, and future.

Actionable analytics

The most important numbers for you to make a difference and grow followers.

One subscription and a simplified workflow

Execute social strategies seamlessly with built-in editing, auto-posting and analytics features. Unify your brand, and work on your Instagram and Facebook content from one place.

Create all forms of visual content

No need to edit videos and images in separate tools. Crop, trim and collage files for your story, post or IGTV.

Storystudio works for stories, posts and every format thinkable
Plan and produce content ahead

Plan content and automate posting

Forget about logging in to your socials daily to publish updates. Queue your content upfront and we’ll make sure it goes out as scheduled.

Get actionable insights for optimization

Report on your social media campaigns and pin down best practices for you to boost your engagement and reach.

Storystudio provides a full analytics suite

Want to be part of the beta?

Our beta programme is by invitation only, but all you have to do is to signup through the form to the right. We do it by invitation only to ensure you have a smooth  experience.

If you like Storystudio you can buy a Lifetime Deal for our Business Subscription for only $249. We are talking serious value for the money here – but do give it a spin first.

Roadmap is ambitious - but the team is savvy

We have been working on Storystudio for quite some time, and we are closer than ever to launch what we believe is the greatest social media suite of all times (our mothers agree). We treat the roadmap as a living organism. If you have great suggestions, do not hesitate to join our Facebook Group and chip in.

October: Editor Launch

We are launching our beta with a full fledged story editor. We have to live up to our name, and the story editor is the center piece of our service.

  • Edit and format existing videos into
  • Work with layers
  • Download content
  • Add  Instagram polls, stickers, emoticons and geotags
  • Create and publish Instagram single posts
  • Create and publish Instagram album posts
  • Create and publish Instagram stories
  • Preview of the social update before posting
  • Social media calendar
  • Settings and user permissions
  • …and a lot more (try the editor here)

December: Social Channels

We like the idea of one-stop-shopping as well. More social channels are coming as a first priority. It is just easier to have everything in one place. We can be that place.

  • Facebook
  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Cross post content to social channels

Q1 2020: Content + Feedback

Our aim is to make the life of social marketers easier, and a big step is not having to reinvent the wheel every single month. Let us help with the inspiration for the content calendar including the actual content.

  • Content partnerships for videos and images
  • Dynamic content calendar

Q2 2020: Analytics + Feedback

No more navigating in the dark. We will be adding actionable analytics for your social channels. Focus on quality of data points rather than number of data points.

  • Follower data
  • Post data
  • Benchmark numbers

Q3+ 2020: Loads of ideas, nothing planned

Our product is our pride, so be sure the development will continue. It could be messaging, user generated content or a way for marketers to help each other. But nothing planned, so join in and let’s see where it lands.

More on the features

Level up your social media game without sacrificing your time

  • Editor

Designed for social media managers

Create great stories and posts faster than ever with our intuitive video and image editor.

Template stories and posts

Convert images to sizes fit for social. Crop and trim videos so they fit a vertical screen.

Layer different elements

Place multimedia files, shapes and text on to your canvas. Simply drag and drop to organize.

Use gifs, stickers and links

Engage your audience with gifs, polls and question stickers. Drive them down the funnel with swipe up links.

Work on timeline mode

Set the length of exposure of every element with ease. Decide at what point your clips, music and captions play.

Editor on Storystudio
Content calendar
  • Publisher

Break free from the routine work

Automate content publishing so you can focus on making your impact on social.

Publish from the editor

No need to switch from app to app. Preview your work on Storystudio and select which channels to send it to.

Queue content for later

Working on content for the entire week? Just schedule when each should go out. Better yet, synchronize your accounts.

Auto-post to social channels

Prepare posts, stories and even IGTV content. You do not need reminders to publish them - we do that directly for you.

Plan all your social content

Get a holistic view of your social media activity. Plot when and where campaigns happen on your content calendar.

  • Analytics

Launch intelligent campaigns

Grow your audience and your business with data on what and when to post next.

See metrics for each content

Track how your posts and stories perform and build on those that resonate best with your followers

Determine best practices

Identify the type and length of content that works. Pin down when you should post based on your own history.

Monitor audience development

How much followers have you gained and lost through time? Know your trends and understand the reasons behind it.

Share reports with teams

Generate up-to-date reports to distribute across the organization in minutes

Social media metrics overview

Want to give it a spin?

Access to the beta is by invitation only. Request access today.

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Content CreatorSoloTeamBusinessEnterprise
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Crop videos
Crop images
Add captions
Add stickers
Add geolocation
Add polls
Add links to stories
Add gifs
Organise layers
Add from our content repository
Content calendar
Content ideation library
Hashtag suggestions
Aggregated overview
Story analytics
Post analytics
Follower insights
Reporting templates
Custom templates
Scheduled report generation
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