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Company background
​Imagine your business runs a daily YouTube channel, and you have to come up with content ideas, edit to perfection and make sure it’s published. It sounds time consuming and a bit too much, right? 
That is exactly what social marketers face today with stories. Our mission is to make the process from ideation to posting the content smooth and fast.
It is no secret Instagram and Facebook are taking over the space of stories fast yet today’s social media management platforms are stuck in an era before stories. It is time to move on – images are moving now.
We don’t get all the good ideas. Join our Facebook Group and be part of the roadmap planning and chip in with your 2 cents on what you have been missing.
We know where to start; you know where to move from here. 

We are a group of savvy builders and social media lovers. Back in 2015, we launched the first analytics and publishing platform for Snapchat. The company still runs today.

Thomas Cilius
Sr. Developer
Mick Hansen
Nichole Balestero
Sr. Consultant
Jan Meier
Sr. Developer
Data Scientist
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Join our Facebook group and be part of the roadmap planning. 

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