Social content made easy

Edit, curate and create social media updates and post directly through our automated scheduler.

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Everything you need and more

Maintaining a steady stream of content for multiple channels doesn’t have to eat up all of your time. Cut down on the manual tasks and breeze through the creative work for your brand.

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One subscription and a simplified workflow

Execute social strategies seamlessly with built-in editing, auto-posting and analytics features. Unify your brand, and work on your Instagram and Facebook content from one place.

Create all forms of visual content

No need to edit videos and images in separate tools. Crop, trim and collage files for your story, post or IGTV.

Storystudio works for stories, posts and every format thinkable
Plan and produce content ahead

Plan content and automate posting

Forget about logging in to your socials daily to publish updates. Queue your content upfront and we’ll make sure it goes out as scheduled.

Get actionable insights for optimization

Report on your social media campaigns and pin down best practices for you to boost your engagement and reach.

Storystudio provides a full analytics suite

Want to be part of the beta?

Our beta program is by invitation but you are welcome to request one by using the form to your right. 

We’re happy to offer unlimited free access at this point. Plus, an exclusive lifetime deal awaits early adopters so make sure to get yourself in the waiting list!

Selected Features

We develop, update and enhance features on an ongoing basis. Try the platform for free and experience how easy social media updates can be.

Automated publishing

Schedule and publish automatically to your favorite social media channels.

Edit and trim videos

Upload any video format and edit/trim to match the length and ratio requirements.

Edit and trim images

Cut, edit and rotate images to highlight and enhance the storytelling

Organize in layers

Organize elements in layers and decide when each make their entrance and exit.

Add polls, stickers, geo, ...

We support all native polls, stickers, geolocation, etc. - with a few extras on top

Add links to stories

Used to add links to your stories? Don't worry, you can still do that.

Content archive

We are constantly building out our library of videos and images for you to use.

Posting calendar

Easy overview of the social media activity in the past, present, and future.

Actionable analytics

The most important numbers for you to make a difference and grow followers.